The profits for the company are strong in some states like California and New York, but very poor in other states such as Texas and Ohio. The distribution of profits seems to be higher in more populated sates.

Upon closer inspection we can see that New York is producing lots of profit. Relative to the profit in other states New York is very high. This could be due to New York's economy and the number of businesses in the state that demand the companies' products.

It is interesting to see that New York is selling more Technology and Office Supplies than Furniture. As marketing efforts are focused towards professional companies in the state of New York, technology sales will continue to be high.

This graph depicts the number of sales that have been made to date and also forecasts our sales into November of 2015 with a 95% confidence interval. 29 sales are forecasted for November 2015 if the company continues with the same marketing efforts. By stimulating market in areas of large profit and re-evaluating our sales strategies in states with few sales we can expect this forecast to be much higher than 29.